Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada


The Terrace Bay Lighthouse is a 50 foot replica of the Lighthouse at the nearby Slate Islands which is the tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes at 224 feet above sea level. It is located at the Simcoe Plaza intersection directly on the Trans Canada Highway.
The Terrace Bay Lighthouse was constructed in July 2011 as part of the $3 million downtown revitalization project.  It had an attendance of 12,000 people in 2011.
Visitors can climb the authentic staircase inside the lighthouse to the viewing platform and take in amazing views of Lake Superior, the Slate Islands, and the rest of the surrounding area.
Terrace Bay Lighthouse Family
Family Enjoying the Terrace Bay Lighthouse
A 50x viewfinder (bring your loonies) is situated on the observation platform and allows you to scan the shores of the Slate Islands and see if you can pick out a caribou or two ... the record so far is 2 caribou spotted.
Visitors have also noted how attractive the lighthouse is at night with its unique LED illumination system which projects light on the lighthouse outside, inside, and the top to simulate a beacon light.
Upon leaving the lighthouse, you can browse the shops in Simcoe Plaza or take in the local cuisine at one of the nearby restaurants.
Terrace Bay Lighthouse Looking for Caribou
Terrace Bay Lighthouse Looking for Caribou
Video on the Terrace Bay Lighthouse
Terrace Bay Lighthouse at Night
Terrace Bay Lighthouse at Night
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